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Galloway beef

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Why should you choose Galloway beef?


Galloway cows are an old cattle breed hailing from the region of the same name in the South-West of Scotland.


Those cows live in their natural environment and they are kept free. It is a healthy beef, produced without antibiotics. Their diet is based on grass during the summer and hay during the winter.


Because those cows have never been bred to work, their beef is faint, supple and veined. The veining fat has a healthy composition of greasy acids and it gives taste to the beef. Galloway beef has a high protein, mineral and antioxidant content, while it has a low cholesterol and saturated fat content. It has an excellent Omega 3 and Omega 6 intake. It is a high-quality meat for our health: low caloric content (-46%), fat (-68%), protein (+19%), calcium (+67%) (Data taken from a USA research on 13.000 different beef cows). That beef, with a high greasy acid content (Omega 3 and Omega 6) is better than pork and other beefs and it is as healthy as chicken or salmon.

For more information:

10Kg selection (raw beef) – Small Galloway

2 rib-eye steak package – about 1Kg
Steaks package – about 2Kg
Package of minced meat – about 2Kg
Package of meat to prepare stew – about 1Kg
Package of meat to prepare braised or roasted meat – about 1Kg
Package of meat to prepare boiled meat – it could contain Asado de tira (short ribs) and brisket – about 3Kg

It is possible to select different cuts of meat:
Rib-eye steak or sliced steak, meat to prepare roasted meat and stew, minced meat
Steaks or minced meat, meat to prepare stew and roasted meat
Meat to prepare braised or roasted meat or minced meat, meat to prepare stew
Meat to prepare stew or minced meat

Price: 250 euro + IVA (tax +10%)

Selection medium Galloway

Differently from the previous proposal (10Kg), we offer you to buy every part of 1/8 – 1/4 cow in order to have a bigger choice, included fillet.
It is possible to discuss personalized quantities with the costumer.

Price per Kg: 21 euro + IVA (tax +10%)

We also sell family-package following the necessities of the costumer.

Book now your Galloway!

The butchery will be done during the year and we will be ready to carefully prepare your request after a period of hanging. We will select different types of beef to satisfy our guests.